Welcome to my website dedicated to the model kits that I actually assemble and finish. Please note that I do not consider myself an expert on models. I simply want to share my passion for model building and hopefully contribute to the hobby by providing some kind of reference through the documentation of my builds. Me

I got into model building in my early teens during the 90's. I had taken a long break from models but came back strong in 2004. I'm not the fatest builder and I am a bit anal-retentive. If that helps to build a better model, then cool, but I try my best not to let anything overcome or make a chore of this fine hobby.

I used to build all kinds of models ( cars, spaceships, etc ) back in the day but now I mostly stick to sci-fi. I know it may sound cliché but I'll still point out that Star Wars is the reason I like models to begin with. As a kid, the ships and vehicles are what grabbed my attention.
It's been really fun to finally move on to different types of models such as resin and vinyl. If I had known about these back in the 90's, who knows how many kits I would have amassed! Scratch-building is my current motivation and maybe I'll have a chance to tell about it here soon.
Well, I'll quit blabbing and let you get on to another part of this website. Thanks for stopping by!